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On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2011 | General Concepts

Your goal is to engage and convert as many readers as possible to actual clients, so one of the best approaches is an aggressive “call to action” or solicitation message in every post. Right?


There are (at least) two problems with an aggressive, conversion-oriented approach:

  • Solicitation goes against user intent. When visitors read your blog, they expect to find information, not to be hammered with marketing messages. Heavy-handed marketing absolutely kills engagement. Heavy-handed marketing turns most blog visitors off.
  • Overt solicitation may harm your image and authority. Even if including solicitation language in a particular post would not be an ethical violation in your state, the use of marketing language clearly designed to “drum up business” may send the wrong kind of message to visitors. Our advice: always take the high road when it comes to solicitation language on blogs.

subtle call-to-action, such as “for more information, contact us” – NOT “if you were hurt in a car accident, we can get you compensation” – may be included at the end of blog posts that do not refer to a current case or recent event.

Just remember that the main purpose of engagement-driving blog posts – and of your blog in general – should be to provide your readers with valuable information, not to sell your services.

If you want to drive conversion – to increase the ability of your blog to attract potential clients and encourage them to contact your firm – focus on creating engaging, valuable content, so that people return again and again, and refer their friends.