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On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2015 | General Concepts

It’s that time of year when law firms across the country are celebrating the holidays and showing appreciation to their staff and clients alike. It’s also the time of year when many firms are evaluating how to make 2016 as successful as possible.

One thing is for sure: social media will continue to be a critical component of every attorney’s marketing strategy in the coming year. And the holidays offer a great opportunity to build your firm’s brand with posts that let consumers feel like they really know your law firm.

If you’re going to be posting on social media this holiday season (and we strongly recommend that you do!), here are a few dos and don’ts to follow:

  • Do post authentically. This is always true, and it’s especially important at the holidays. Did your firm host an annual holiday party for clients? Go ahead and post about it. Did your staff volunteer at a local food shelf over the holidays? Let your followers know. These kinds of posts make your firm more relatable for potential clients.
  • Do offer timely suggestions if appropriate. For a family law firm, this could be a post highlighting the importance of keeping your kids’ needs first during the holidays, even when you are very stressed out. Or for a criminal defense firm, maybe it’s a reminder not to drive after drinking too much.
  • Do not try to “capitalize” on the holiday spirit. While it’s good to offer helpful advice for your community, it is not a good idea to appear self-serving. For example, avoid posts such as “Did your ex take up too much time with you children over the holidays? Our firm can help you modify your child custody arrangement.” If you want to capture cases that result from holiday strife, it’s best to be more subtle in your approach on social media.

We hope these tips will make posting about your law firm during the holidays a little bit easier. What did you share with your social followers this holiday season?