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Four Ways FindLaw Blog Services Drive Your Success


Establish Expertise – Relevant and timely posts help you harness the power of social media to communicate your knowledge and expertise in the practice area(s) most important to your firm. Identifying your firm as authoritative helps clients decide who to call when the time comes to contact an attorney.

Increase Visibility – By focusing the blog on the geographic and practice areas most important to your firm, it is able to generate highly targeted search engine visibility for relevant keyword phrases.

Drive Traffic – A blog provides another access point to potential clients, leading to more traffic. More importantly, how the blog is focused results in that traffic being targeted towards the cases your firm deems most valuable.

Portfolio Integration – FindLaw has the unique ability to integrate multiple online marketing tactics, including websites, video, directory profiles, off-site search optimization programs, and social media tactics. Through deeplinking and blog content promotion strategies, FindLaw delivers to your firm a holistic online marketing solution.