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Content Delivery: Premium and Essential

Learn More About FindLaw-Authored Content

In addition to providing the tools and training that enable attorneys to be effective bloggers, FindLaw also offers high-velocity, keyword-rich content to keep the blog fresh and allow you to focus on your core business — practicing law.

FindLaw’s legal and editorial expertise is leveraged to deliver unique current events posts relevant to your firm’s area of practice. A fresh stream of content delivered approximately twice per week (Premium) or once per week (Essential) will help keep your law firm “top of mind” and will provide potential clients with relevant, meaningful information.

FindLaw Blog Content Does …

  • Cite news and current events as source material
  • Publish “on behalf of” the law firm
  • Intend to keep the firm “top of mind” with Web searchers
  • Present information in a friendly, journalistic and accessible manner
  • Focus on the type of issues blog readers are interested in

FindLaw Blog Content Does Not …

  • Include “calls to action” or solicitation language
  • Offer opinion or analysis beyond “common knowledge” insights
  • Focus on obscure or complex legal issues outside the interest of most blog readers

View a Few FindLaw-Authored Posts

  • Pittsburgh hospital out of compliance with patient safety laws
  • California-based KB Home may have to pay $180 million in joint venture case
  • Million dollar homes more likely to remain in default

About the Writers of Your Blog Services Team

FindLaw’s blog writers include knowledgeable attorneys, experienced journalists, seasoned marketing copywriters and skilled PR professionals who have a shared passion for researching and writing engaging social media content. All FindLaw blog writers have access to proprietary research tools and use powerful search engine optimization (SEO) methods to drive visibility and value to your firm.

FindLaw’s writers, content strategists and social media experts are also eager to contribute to your success by providing tips and techniques for how you can be an effective blogger. We invite you to view our training archive to learn more, and to keep coming back as new training materials are added.