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Blog Service Starter

Attract Clients With a Powerful Social Media Tool

With more people than ever before seeking legal information online, it is critical that you establish your firm’s expertise in a format that potential clients expect. FindLaw’s Blog Service Starter helps you do just that with a blog that increases your firm’s visibility and attracts high-value clients.

Blog Service Starter helps your firm capitalize on the growing importance and influence of social media with an easy-to-use blogging platform, complete with an exclusive dashboard of tools and training to enable effective blogging.

FindLaw Makes Blogging Easy and Effective

Blog Service Starter provides you with what you need to launch and maintain an effective blog:

  • Easy-to-use, market-leading blogging platform
  • FindLaw’s exclusive dashboard of blogging tools, including:
    1. Integrated RSS Feeds to help with idea generation
    2. OPTIMIZER tool to help ensure posts are compliant with SEO best practices
    3. Quick links to enable deeplinking to your website
  • Robust off-site SO, including over 1,000 directory submissions
  • Extensive technical and blog-writing training to help your firm effectively maintain its blog
  • Flexible domain structure with the ability to build as a standalone domain or as an additional page on your website