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Social Media Training

This page includes technical training resources designed to help you use FindLaw's Social Media platform with ease. If you're interested in techniques for driving success, check out the Engagement 101 page of this site and the Training Tips blog.

Training Videos

These short videos will walk you through how to use the FindLaw Social Media platform to manage your social profiles.

Managing Engagement in FindLaw's Social Media Platform

Technical Training Documents

Social Media Platform Quick Start Guide: This will tell you everything you need to know to get started using FindLaw's social media platform.

Social Media Reconnection Guide: If your social media accounts have become disconnected from the FindLaw Social Media platform, use this guide to reconnect.

Social Media Best Practices: Not sure what to post? This best practices guide will help you make important decisions about how to most effectively build your brand on social media.

Connect Social Media Platform Guide: Instruction guide for connecting your firm's social media Business Pages to the FindLaw Social Media platform.

Brand Awareness Make your firm known. Be where your clients are. Demonstrate your expertise. | Audience Engagement Foster conversation. Increase public votes of confidence (likes and shares). Develop trust in your community. | Targeted Traffic Drive clicks to your website. Boost targeted traffic from multiple sources. Increase search engine authourity signals.